SC8071 Nitric Acid Compartment, Polypropylene

A separate, entirely polypropylene, slide-in isolation compartment is available as an accessory to semiisolate nitric acid or nitric acid spills from all other products stored in the acid cabinet. We urge the purchase of this accessory to avoid reaction between products, particularly between Nitric and Acetic acid.

While this isolation compartment is commonly used to isloate nitric acid, it can be used to isolate any materials you need separated from the other items in your storage cabinet.

Cat. No. Description Approx. Capacity Exterior Dimensions Color
SC8071 Nitric Acid Compartment, Polypropylene 5 x 2.4 Liter 13 5/16"W x 13 7/16"H x 15 1/4"D Natural