Never worry about rust or corrosion!

At last an acid storage cabinet made to withstand your worst corrosive materials. SciMatCo Plast-a-Cab® cabinets are constructed with high-density polyethylene plastic. All interior seams are welded to provide a liquid-tight seal necessary to meet OSHA’s standard for secondary containment.



  • All cabinets are constructed of 3⁄4" high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. You receive both strength and chemical resistance from a Plast-a-Cab®
  • Store your most corrosive chemicals with no fear of rust or corrosion
  • All cabinets have a liquidtight, welded interior to contain accidental spills. Ideal to meet OSHA’s standard for secondary containment
  • Excellent cabinet for very corrosive environments — inside and out
  • Cabinet floor constructed as a 2" liquid-tight trough to contain spillage

No Rust or Corrosion - We Guarantee It!

How many other manufacturers will replace your acid cabinet if it rusts or corrodes? SciMatCo will! Metal cabinets, no matter how well they’re painted or what coating they use, will rust. Even stainless steel will rust. Acid fumes work into the very first scratch and ruin the whole cabinet. Rusting and corroding cabinets may no longer offer the protection you require. Secondary containment may no longer be effective in case of a spill. You deserve long-term protection. You will get it with a SciMatCo Plast-a-Cab®. Our plastic cabinet will never rust or corrode. Our cabinets will provide effective protection for your most hazardous chemicals for years after the metal cabinets have gone to the scrap pile.

  • Uniquely designed cabinet door hinge made of plastic, ensuring years of worry-free service
  • Safely store perchloric acid; interior may be completely rinsed or washed
  • Floor model Plast-a-Cab® can be used as a free-standing cabinet or built in under your work surface
  • Choose between three sizes, a smaller cabinet for frequently-used chemicals stored at your work area or a larger unit designed for more centralized storage
  • Fixed-position shelf on the floor models
  • 11-liter (3-gallon) top dispensing tray (SC5050 only)