SciMatCo acid cabinets are manufactured without using any metal components. Acids readily oxidize metal—SciMatCo cabinets contain no metal. Even if metal is coated or painted, a single scratch will break the protected surface and the oxidation begins to spread rapidly.

    The pictures below depict a metal, epoxy-coated acid cabinet. The cabinet is less than 3 years old.

    Extensive Cabinet Interior Damage

    SciMatCo Acid Cabinets are constructed of multi-ply, high density plywood (not particleboard).  The plywood is covered with chemical-resistant paint.  Plywood (not particleboard) will not be attacked by acids.  This condition cannot exist in a SciMatCo Acid Cabinet

    Deep Oxidation and Destruction of Door

    Look at the remarkable metal door destruction! We could not get a good picture of the metal hinges, but the owner had to force the door open. SciMatCo Acid Cabinets have wooden hinges - not metal! Insist on wooden hinges for long life.

    Damage to Metal Shelf Support Clip is Particularly Dangerous Since Shelf Collapse Could Result

    It won't be long until this cabinet's shelf supports corrode through and collapse. Can you imagine that dangerous mess? Get your money's worth. For long acid cabinet life buy SciMatCo Acid Cabinets - they are metal-free!