SC6075 General Purpose Cabinet

• Locked, Secure Chemical Storage
• Recessed Top for Dispensing Liquids
• Polypropylene Top Tray and Shelf Liners
• 2 Liquid-Tight Troughs to Retain Spillage
• Constructed of 1'' thick, high-density multiply exterior grade plywood
• One fixed-position shelf
• Paint is extremely chemical resistant
• Top exterior surface recessed with a polypropylene tray which will hold 12 liters of spilled chemicals. Perfect for dispensing liquids
• Provided with lock and 2 keys
• Continuous piano-type hinges on both doors
• Cabinet floor constructed with a 2'' liquid-tight trough to retain spillage
• Four leveling feet
• Kick recess provided (2 1/2'' high x 1 3/4'' deep)
• All cabinet Joints are rabbeted for maximum strength and durability

All chemicals must be kept locked up at all times. If your storeroom is too far away or too small, this general purpose, locked cabinet is an ideal solution.
Exterior: 36 1/2"H x 31"W x 20"D
Interior: 28 1/2"H x 29"W x 17 1/4"D
* Must be shipped by motor truck freight.